Meatball delicious food that every people in the world love Meatball recipe how to make the most special and delicious. Meatball is one food that has a taste of its own, so it is no wonder apbila encountered many sellers meatballs from various regions in Indonesia. Ranging from the elderly, men, women, and children likes to eat food this one named meatballs. Especially if you've heard the special beef meatballs, a full belly will certainly be hungry again. Circular and generally made of a mixture of ground beef and tapioca flour, meatballs into food faforite of various ages. Because of its popularity, the meatballs can be found all over the world. Not only appeared with hot sauce, sliced ??meatballs can also be used as a complement to other foods such as fried noodles, fried rice or cap cay. Meatballs itself has its roots in the culinary arts tionghoa, it is indicated with a term derived from the words meatballs meatballs in hokien language which literally means ground meat. Because most of Indonesia's population is Muslim, then the meatballs generally made from halal meat such as beef, fish or chicken. Meatball dish which first came from india, india typical meatball is usually rich in spices. Such as garlic, ginger, Bombay, various kinds of chili, and curry powder called garam masala. Name meatballs are very popular in India is Kofta, usually made from beef or lamb that has been chopped and mixed with spices and onions. Other materials are often mixed in the dough is bulgur, egg, and chopped vegetables. If the amount of vegetables is more dominant then the name is lauki kofta. This kofta can be baked, fried or boiled. Then meatballs typical of Italy. In this state known as polpette meatballs and usually eaten as an appetizer or soup. The main ingredients of Italian meatball are beef, pork or turkey. As for the oil to dilute existing jaitun, romano cheese, eggs, salt, black pepper, garlic powder powder bread. all were mixed and stirred to form a ball gong.

Banana Split

Enjoy delicious dessert after meal, delicious banana split taste it and try it Banana split is one special dessert. Sweet taste with a mix of ice cream and perfectly ripe bananas to make banana split has many fans. From small children, teenagers and adults of all tastes will not want to miss the joy banana split. Banana split is usually served as a dessert after the main course or a big meal. Soft ice cream with fruit garnish on his strawberry make split banana look very pretty. So as to attract people to soon enjoy. The banana split is usually served as a dessert serve in restaurants well-known that many presenting various kinds of dessert. But because of the people who love it now banana split can be obtained elsewhere-where. Well if you usually enjoy banana split with the seller bought it in the usual visit. There’s nothing wrong if this time you make a banana split it at home. How to make it easy anyway and not as difficult as you imagine.


Cragel try it and I bet you will addicted A pastry shop in the area of ??Williamsburg, New York, United States, became the talk of foodies in the city, after creating a fusion between Croissant with bread Bagel named Cragel. Amid the talk, Cragel considered by observers culinary, will not achieve such popularity achieved by Cronut (Croissant Donut). Patisserie and bakery in Williamsburg began selling another version of Crogel, shortly after Stew Leonard, a small supermarket in the area, introducing other species in the previous week. Owner of The Bagel Store, Scot Rosillo in an interview with Mail Online states that cragel demand continues to rise in his shop. He first experimented in July 2013 ago and sold "prototype" of his first pastry in September. The consumers fall in love with cragel because the texture is lighter than a bagel and denser than a croissant. While, it alone does not like a bagel or croissant, but more tasty and can be combined with a variety of jams and stuffing.